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Learning in the 21st century, personalized learning

The material is a programme of a professional workshop.

Participants get their own experiences in getting to know the students, in their differentiated learning, and in project-pedagogy. They come to know some technics of organization of learning, based on the personal learning strategies and the holistic view of the word.

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Lesson Observation Protocol

Lesson Observation Protocol enables fellow teachers and other invited observers to give their colleagues quality feedback on embedding and fostering student voice in their teaching practice, based on the aims and impact indicators of the project.

The purpose of this material is to enable teachers to reflect on their pedagogical practice during each learning cycle with the help of peer observations of the lessons and given feedback about to what extent student voice is present in their classroom and what objectives have successfully been reached or are yet to be fulfilled.

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Student-friendly assessment

The material is a programme for a professional workshop, which theme is connected to the assessment of students. Its aim to define the content of the constructive, mutual feedback, realized in a supportive learning environment. Participants can practice the effective technics of this kind of assessment in the learning process, which is based on partnership. In the workshop participants can share their good practice, and can plan the possible improvements.

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Students’ and Teachers’ Wellbeing in the School

The material is a programme of a professional workshop, which can contribute to the better understanding of the concept of wellbeing.

It can contribute to the raising of the awerness of the participants on the connection among the learning achievements of the students and their and their teachers' wellbeing. Raising the awerness of the participants on the levels of wellbeing.

It can develop the reflectivity of the participants and help them to make clear their own learning style.

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