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Teacher training programme (Student Voice – possibilities to realize learner-centred organization of learning.)

Giving an overview to the participating teachers on the theory and practice of the student-centred organisation of learning.  The participants can experience the positive affect of the method which can motivate them to know more about the theory and to try some experienced methods.

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Towards a Rationale for Student Voice in the classroom and in schools

This workshop is designed to provide teachers and school management to become more familiar with the importance of and rationale for student voice in the classroom and in our schools.  The workshop also allows participants to clarify for themselves what they see as the important rationale for student voice.

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Active learning and learning organization

The complex learning method can be well matched to any curriculum, and it is possible to apply it to the preparation of a new material or to sum up other work. The teacher is the organizer of the process but not the leader. Participation of students and their autonomy increases. Responsibility is shared between the student and the teacher. Group work is the core of activity. The role of the CEO has a positive impact on students with low self-esteem. Students have to supervise the work process, they have to make sure that everyone is doing their job. This raises their level of responsibilty for the success of joint work while developing their knowledge on the subject, their verbal and interpersonal skills, they learn to communicate and cooperate. All members of the class are involved in the process, positive - creative energies are released.

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