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Student’s Graph

The aim of this material is to enable students to reflect on their learning and lessons at the end of each learning cycle and provide teachers with a feedback about how much their voice has been heard in the classroom.

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Lesson Observation Protocol

Lesson Observation Protocol enables fellow teachers and other invited observers to give their colleagues quality feedback on embedding and fostering student voice in their teaching practice, based on the aims and impact indicators of the project.

The purpose of this material is to enable teachers to reflect on their pedagogical practice during each learning cycle with the help of peer observations of the lessons and given feedback about to what extent student voice is present in their classroom and what objectives have successfully been reached or are yet to be fulfilled.

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Developing partnership between students and teachers based on trust and mutual respect

The aim of this model is to show how students can be engaged actively in teaching and learning process according to the student voice principles by creating more open and trustful relationships between teacher and students. When given a voice, students feel their views are valued and are much more motivated to co-construct learning experiences and assessment. In that way, students are stimulated to think about their own learning and   take greater responsibility for their learning; consequently, they increasingly take ownership of their learning.

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