Second partner school workshop

The third workshop organized for the Hungarian partner schools of the Erasmus+ Student Voice – Bridge to Learning project took place on 6th of April at EKU – HIERD and dealt with the topic of assessment.
Thursday, April 6, 2017 - 14:00

Lucia Kákonyi, the Hungarian project coordinator welcomed the four teachers representing the newly joined partner school called Gyermekek háza (Children’s House) from Budapest, while she also outlined the main focal points and targets of the project, as well as she presented its website.

During the group work participants gave feedback on each other’s ‘homeworks’, namely the lesson plans based on learning intentions, learning activities, and success criteria. Participants had the occasion to share the concerns and challenges they had faced, they made clear some related notions (e.g. what the difference is between success criteria and learning intention), discussed the characteristics of the different partner schools, and also reflected on each other’s work. As part of the evaluation of the lesson plans, Lucia Kákonyi claimed that teachers are rather inclined to put greater emphasis on classroom activities, while the learning process could be more effective if they concentrated on planning the whole learning process while keeping an eye on learning intentions, differentiation, competency training, and on fostering students’ motivation. A fruitful discussion evolved about the main topic of the workshop: the formative and summative assessment. After referring to the diversity of the evaluation systems of the European countries and to the negative impacts of summative assessment, participants became aware of several strategies enabling them to give quality feedbacks. The next project workshop is due in June; by then teachers have to update their lesson plans based on the reviewed criteria.