Teacher's personal plan

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Developed by: 
National Education Institute Slovenia (Zavod Republike Slovenije za šolstvo)

Research project ZRSŠ – Formative assessment (2016-2017)

Purpose of the material: 

The aim of this material is to explain the importance of planning, practising and evaluating teaching and learning process according to student voice principles.


The Teacher’s Personal Plan engages teachers as researchers of their own practice.


STUDENT VOICE – the BRIDGE to Learning



The teacher:

The school:

The subject:

School year:

The consultant:








What goals are you planning to achieve as part of the project activities?
What about your plans concerning the goals related to STUDENT VOICE (SV)?

Name some elements of Assessment For Learning (AFL) that you are planning to develop/put to practice in order to enhance the SV.

The goals recorded
(Write down the date:
................................... )


Success criteria:
How will I know that the goals I planned have been achieved?


Action plan 1




Talking to students about their classroom experience: their likes and dislikes, their roles at school; eliciting their views about/experience of  AFL


Students' /parents' responses




Which activities do you develop/use as part of your SV approach?
Which AFL elements/strategies do you develop/use in your teaching practice?





What kind of changes in your teaching practice have you observed as a result of implementing/including AFL elements/strategies?

Keep recording regularly, both during and after the action.





What changes have been noticed/observed by your students/parents as a result of AFL related classroom activities?

Keep recording regularly, both during and after the action.





Your observations are to be recorded by 31st December  2016 at the latest.

Which AFL elements/strategies did you develop while introducing SV?
What went particularly well in the process of developing/using AFL elements (your new findings, lessons learned etc.)


What did you find most challenging?

Action plan 2

How you can use this material in your practice: 

Teachers select an educational problem based on the goals related to STUDENT VOICE to improve their individual pedagogical practice. Teachers then frame a more specific, personally relevant question. Then they draw on resources to advance their professional learning, plan how they might take up ideas and enact them in practice, monitor progress towards goals, and make adjustments as needed.


This material reflects only the author’s view; the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.