Tool Nr.: 
Developed by: 
Eszterházy Károly Hungarian University Institute for Educational Research and Development

School practice Hunfalvy and Children's House

Purpose of the material: 

To strengthen formative assessment tools.


The cob web evaluation sheets engage students into self- assessment.

It's an easy way of self-evaluation at the end of a thematic unit.


Create a cobweb on a huge sheet of paper. Put a theme into a section of it. For example:

I can use the art vocabulary. I can speak about a film for 5 minutes. I can write a film review.  I can use present perfect with always, yet and just. etc.

How you can use this material in your practice: 

It is easy to use and works well. After a thematic unit it can be used to revise the subthemes and it is perfect for self-evaluation.


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