Self- and peer assessment

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Eszterházy Károly Hungarian University Institute for Educational Research and Development

School practice Hunfalvy and Children's House

Purpose of the material: 

To strengthen formative assessment tools.


The Carry on evaluation sheets engage students into self- and peer assessment.

It's an easy way of giving feedback to each other after a longer period of time, for example, at halfterm or end term.


Create a chart with three columns and as many lines as students there are in the class. The students will write their names above the chart and in the first line their self-evaluation what they should carry on, stop and start. After that they will pass the paper around and all students and the teacher will reflect on  each others behaviour, performance, good and bad points etc.. Naturally the students reflect on their teachers performance as well what he or she should carry on, stop and start.

A basic rule is that the first column must be filled in. No one can skip it and impoliness is unacceptable.


You should carry on .... 

You should stop .....

You should start ....


























How you can use this material in your practice: 

It is easy to use and works well. The weak points of the template that the students tend to skip  a column if they find it difficult to answer. If it is compulsary to fill in each cell, then they tend to copy that someone has already written abot the pupil. To avoid the problem the previous opinions should be covered for exapmle folding the paper. 


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