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Eszterházy Károly Hungarian University Institute for Educational Research and Development

EKU IERD Hunfalvy

Purpose of the material: 

The questionnaire has been made to get student feedback about the maths testing in teacher-student collaboration. (Happy Maths Test)


How to create, use and summarise the student friendly assessment questionnaires?

  1. Students make the feedback questionnaires
  2. Consultation with the classmates and the teacher
  3. To adjust the questionnairs to the their needs and requests
  4. To fill in the questionnairs on-line or paper based
  5. To sum up the answers
  6. To discuss the results with the students
  7. To modify the questionnairs if it is needed

Sample questionnaire


How you can use this material in your practice: 

The questionnaire makers should be volunteers who are happy to take part in the work.

They have a free hand how to create it.

It must always be discussed with the other students. 

It  might also contain some teacher-centered questions if it is needed.

The questionnaire should frequently  be revised.


This material reflects only the author’s view; the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.