Learning in the 21st century, personalized learning

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Eszterházy Károly Hungarian University Institute for Educational Research and Development

Heacox, Diane (2006): Differenticating in teaching and learning (Differenciálás a tanításban, tanulásban) Szabad Iskolákért Alapítvány

Purpose of the material: 

The material is a programme of a professional workshop.

Participants get their own experiences in getting to know the students, in their differentiated learning, and in project-pedagogy. They come to know some technics of organization of learning, based on the personal learning strategies and the holistic view of the word.


1. Knowing the students

1.1 Common thinking on the theme
1.2 Personal learning paths and the development of the personality

2. Differentiation

2.1 Differentiated development of the students personality and organisation of the personal learning paths
2.2 Summary of the differentiation

3. Project

3.1 Exposing the subject
3.2 Typical characteristics of the project pedagogy
3.3 Project planning
3.4 Preparing for »home work« (Optional)

4. Closing the workshop, feedback


1. Creating groups – there are different methods to create working groups. In this case we create groups with random composition.

1.1 Group work: What, when, in what kind of situations, and how can teachers know their students for their effective personality development? How can teachers use this information to support students’ learning activities? How can students plan their own learning plans, and learning paths? Groups create their own mind map on the theme. After finishing their work, groups share their results with each other (picture gallery method) and they reflect to each other’s results.

1.2 Presentation of the trainer (methods of the pedagogical diagnosis, Gardner’s multiply intelligence

2.1 Text processing with expert mosaic method; reflections and the trainer’s presentation

2.2 Reflections and feedback on the topic in plenary

3.1 Three step interview

3.2 Trainer’s presentation

3.3 Participants work together in rearranged groups, organised on the basis of the taught subjects.

Each group choose a common topic (development area and targets) by the ‘Spend a twenty’ method. Groups collect activities with the round table method for the selected development area and targets.

3.4 Filling in the Gardner’s multiply intelligence questionnaire for teachers. Reflection on the results.

4. Word collection to the word cloud.– What was important, and usefull for the realization of the student voice?  

How you can use this material in your practice: 

It can be used as a CPD programme of 120 minutes, ending with the closing questions, or can followed by a 'home work', when participants try some elements of the workshop in their daily work. In this a reflective workshop has to be organised  in 2-3 months.


This material reflects only the author’s view; the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.