Students’ and Teachers’ Wellbeing in the School

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Eszterházy Károly Hungarian University Institute for Educational Research and Development

Public Health England;

Schools’ Role In Promoting Pupil Well-Being

Purpose of the material: 

The material is a programme of a professional workshop, which can contribute to the better understanding of the concept of wellbeing.

It can contribute to the raising of the awerness of the participants on the connection among the learning achievements of the students and their and their teachers' wellbeing. Raising the awerness of the participants on the levels of wellbeing.

It can develop the reflectivity of the participants and help them to make clear their own learning style.


It is a teachers’ workshop programme of 120 minutes. The main topics of the workshop are the following:

1. Student-centred organisation of learning

1.1 Participants fill in an (online) questionnaire about their learning and working habits. A statistic summary of the results is created after the finishing the individual work. Participants reflect on their experiences on the basis of the following questions:

1.1.1 How did they feel, filling in the questionnaire? (good things, hard things, what was missing, etc.)
1.1.2 What are the lessons learnt from that?

2. Wellbeing and learning achievements

3. Summary and closing

  1. Participants fill in the questionnaire individually.
  2. Statictic summary in plenary.
  3. Participants reflections on the basis of the 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 questions (TST method)
  4. Filling in the second questionnaire individually.
  5. Presentation of the trainer (Schools’ Role In Promoting Pupil Well-Being)
  6. Group work in 5 small groups: How can school ensure the circumstances for different areas of the wellbeing? Each group discuss on on topic of the following and create a summary on a flipchart sheet.

6.1 Physical and mental health
6.2 Prevention of abuse and neglect
6.3 Community life, possibility for creating and developing a community
6.4 Social and economival welfare
6.5 Education, training, recreation

  1. Closing of the workshop with the short oral reflections of the participants (Answering to the question, as: What did you learn in this workshop? or: How could the workshop answer to your expectations?)
How you can use this material in your practice: 

You can use it as a CPD programme of 120 minutes, ending with the closing qustions, or you can ask participants to decide to change one or two elements of their daily work. In this case you can organise 2-3 month later a reflecting workshop.  


This material reflects only the author’s view; the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.