Building a culture of student voice – a journey of hearts and minds

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Purpose of the material: 

If teachers are to be encouraged and supported to work in greater partnership with students in classrooms, it is important that they are given opportunities to reflect on and become self-aware about the cultural beliefs and biases that may affect this commitment and capacity to work in partnership with students. These activities are designed to provide opportunities for teachers to reflect on their teacher identity and teacher agency in the context of greater Student Voice.  


Activity:  Slide 1- What word(s) would you use to describe a time when you were really heard – in school, at home, in your community?  What was happening to allow your voice to be heard? What differenced did it make?  How might that experience inform your work with Student Voice?

Activity : Slide 2

Think of something you do really well – a hobby, a sport, an activity.  How did you become good at this?  Who were the significant person(s)? How would you describe the relationship which supported your learning?   Was having a voice part of the experience?

Activity:  Slide 3. Think of a child that you are teaching now – when does that child currently have their voice heard in the classroom?  What difference do you think it makes for that child and their engagement in school?

Activity: Slide 4. Voice in Waiting: Can you picture a child who is not forthcoming in class – Voice in waiting?  What can you do, we do, to make this project as inclusinve as possible?  How will we know if it has been successful?


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