Scotland - International dissemination conference

The second conference for teachers was organized in Edinburgh, on 4-5th December, 2018. Representatives of the schools, involved in the BRIDGE Programme from five different countries and several students and teachers of East-Lothian schools participated in the conference, in the heart of the beautiful old town. School visits were a good possibility for the guests to have some daily experiences of the realization of the student voice.

Voice of some Hungarian teachers on the Student Voice Conference in Edinburgh

‘The Edinburgh Conference was a well-organized event.

We really enjoyed the group-work, where we had to cooperate with other (Scottish, Irish, Dutch, Slovenian) teachers and with Scottish students. The students were smart and extremely helpful.

We also liked the presentations of the schools. The students were fully aware of their presented topics.

We were familiar with the group-work and with the discussion on the various posters where there was a host presenting the poster to the others.

The game was new for us. We really liked the ’Parcel’ game where we had to give a parcel from hand to hand and when the music was stopped, the person with the parcel had to open it and answer a question in connection with student voice topics.

We often have projects in our school; therefore, we can imagine the Happiness Project to adapt it to our students’ needs.

In addition, we really liked the idea of having breakfast together as a class, but in our case, the situation would be different, since we mostly have better-off students in our school.

Senior students guided us, which was the best part of the school visit. Who can introduce a school better if not a student? We were amused by their enthusiasm and kindness.

We could visit several classes, where we could experience how student voice is heard.

We were able to have a look at the special education centre, which was very interesting for us, since our school has integration.

Ross High School is well equipped with great opportunities to listen to student voice.

We always look for the opportunities to start a professional conversation with colleagues. We would have been happy to talk to the teachers whose lessons we had attended. Otherwise, the school visit was just perfect.

Teachers from a Hungarian primary school’

‘I am very grateful that I could attend this conference. It was good to see the many students who were eager to talk about their school. I liked the idea of teachers' well-being. I am sure that teachers – as well as students - need encouragement and positive feedback. I will share this idea with my colleagues in my school in Hungary.

At school visit the kindness and neatness of children was so charming. They loved their school, their teachers and each other.

I had a lot of experience in these two days, but I can hardly use most of them in primary school.

Thank you,

a Hungarian primary school teacher’

‘It was a pleasure to participate in the teachers’ conference in Edinburgh. I enjoyed students, proudly talking about their school.

I heard about several good practices to support students in participating in their school life. Such was the Breakfast Club, or different technics for short feedback. In the school visit I saw a voting method which impressed me a lot.

In the visited school, I met with nice and intuitive students. I experienced their popularity and appreciation in their school community.

It is very important, that the efforts for engaging students in their school life is supported by the government in Scotland.

Thanks to this event, my English has evolved. I can speak much more boldly (even if wrongly) in English, and my efforts were appreciated by native English speakers as well. J

a teacher from Hungary’