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The National Improvement Framework (NIF) recognises that leadership is one of the most important aspects of the success of any school. Further commenting that Headteachers and Teachers who are empowered and empower others to take ownership of their own learning, have a strong track record of ensuring the highest quality of learning and teaching (Scottish Government, ‘National Improvement Framework for Scottish Education - achieving excellence and equality’, January 2016)

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To share practice with other teachers, school leaders and education authority leads about the Junior Leadership Team Scottish Learning Festival Presentation


Appendix one – JLT Scottish Learning Festival Presentation


The Juniro Leadership Team (JLT) was established in May 2016 and was launched through a two tier application process.

First Tier – S1,S2 and S3 year group assemblies. Pupils were encouraged to write a parargraph explaining (i) why they wanted to be a part of the JLT, (ii) examples of times they have led before and (iii) what skills and qualities they could bring to the group.

Aim was to make the group as inclusive as possible – not just the most academic pupils for example.

Second Tier – Interview process. Pupils who's application had been of a good standard were invited to interview for a position in the group. They were interviewed by Principal Teacher Citizenship (Nicola Duncan), Principal Teacher Classroom Practice (Joe Moore) and Depute Head (Ann Archer) along with Head Boy, Girl, Deputes and House Captains.

We have 20 current members, where performance is evaluated yearly and opportunities for other pupils to apply.

Pupil leadership is at the very heart of the JLT and we have ensured, through delegation, that all members have individual responsibility for tasks set. We liaised with the Principle Teacher (PT) Guidance responsible for the P7 Transition and discussed content for the video which was the responsibility of the S1 team. Collaboratively we created success criteria and provided the team with direction. S2 members have responsibility for advertising the JLT. Most recently, working with the PT of Creativity and Entrepreneurship, the JLT have been asked to present at a Parental Engagement Evening. S3 members are tasked with feedback, we encourage staff communication through a monthly newsletter update and have created a JLT Twitter account. The JLT have been further involved in the following events; they presented at the Scottish Learning Festival, met with Education Scotland, visitors from Character Scotland and attended the East Lothian Youth Summit where they had the opportunity to feed into the East Lothian Education Service Improvement Framework. The JLT have also discussed Personal Learning Plans and have had the opportunity to discuss their preferred model and impact that they have had on their Teaching and Learning. Pupils have also helped to create 'Ross High School's Expected Standards' document which encourages and promotes consistent behaviour throughout the school.


The materials produced for this CPD was for the purpose of sharing this practice at a national conference for teachers.

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This material can be used as an example of practice which can be developed in other school contexts. Please see also Ross High School Model 001 and Tools 002.


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