Exemplar of Practice: Activating Student Voice in Health and Wellbeing

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North Berwick High School, Education Scotland, Scotland

Health and Well Being Committee

Purpose of the material: 

This model exemplifies how a secondary school in Scotland (North Berwick High School, East Lothian Council) set up a pupil Health and Well-being committee to activate student voice in this area.  It explores both the process and the impact and can be replicated in other school contexts.


The overview which follows aims to:


Deepen understanding of how pupil voice can be implemented in high schools

Provide specific examples of pupil leadership

Highlight how teaching staff and pupils can work together to promote and facilitate pupil voice in schools


Health and Well-Being Committee


Support poster and mental well-being posters displayed on doors:




  • http://www.mindyourheadapp.com/about/ website link to mind your head app. This was launched across the school with year group assemblies in an effort to offer pupils a wide range of mental health support.

Health and Well Being Committee


The pupil Health and Well Being Committee was created in August 2017 with two members, it was relaunched in August 2018 and now has 20 S6 (final year students) who are active members. 


It is supervised by a Depute Head Teacher and run by S6 pupils with an interest in promoting positive health and well being of both staff and pupils at North Berwick High School. Committee meetings are led by pupils with staff available for support if required.


The Health and Well Being Committee focus on areas:


  • Mental health
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Sexual health
  • Eating healthy
  • Bullying
  • Stress
  • Representation and LQBTQ+


Achievements so far:


  • Support poster scheme identifying teachers who are willing and able to listen beyond gudiance (personal support) teacher
  • Teacher compliment form- to help support helath and well bring of teachers and staff in the school, pupils were asked to complete a Google Form writing any postiive thoughts and feelings about teachers in the school .These were shared with teachers and staff in an effort to highlight that they may under-reosurced buy are truely valued by the pupils the teach and work with!
  • 'Mind your head'posters- displayed on classroom/office doors highlighting what teachers are doing this week toimprove their own mental health.
  • Mind your head app- online app where pupils can log on and seek advice and tips on how to best keep postive mental health. This app covers study skills, helathy eating and drinking and advice on positive stress manaagement.


The Health and Well-Being Committee is a fantastic opportunity for young people to put forward their own ideas and enhance the opportunity for pupil voice within the school.

By creating a platform to raise awareness about health and well-being, they are encouraging pupils to talk about their issues and showing them that they aren't alone.


Furthermore, the committee is allowing teachers and school management to increase their awareness about different views, ideas and how the school can support pupils creates an environment where pupil voice is heard, listened to and encouraged.

How you can use this material in your practice: 

Health and Well-Being

  • Consideration of wider school environment
  • Staff Health and Well Being
  • Increased opportunity for young people leading initiatives  and promoting pupil vocie and leadership opportunities


This material reflects only the author’s view; the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.