Learning, using the principle of Jansen's bicycle

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SLO, The Netherlands

Velthausz, F.D.M. & Winters, H.H.H.M. (2011). Stamgroepwerk: wereldoriëntatie met de Fiets van Jansen [mixed age groups: world orietation with Jansen' bike. Echten: Jenaplan Advies en Scholing

Purpose of the material: 

The purpose of this model is to create awareness of the pedagogics by awakening learners’ prior knowledge by involving them in creating and shaping their own learning process.


Student worksheet


The teacher introduces a new topic. Learners are guided through a series of six steps. During the steps prior knowledge is awakened and students discuss relevant learning questions.

How you can use this material in your practice: 

This model can be used when a new topic is introduced in a class. World orientation or social studies and sciences are best suited.


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