Strategic voice – system level student voice

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Education Scotland, Scotland
  • Scottish Government's Scottish Education Council
Purpose of the material: 

To describe a national-level model applied in the Scottish education system, which includes student voice as a key element built in to the design and purpose of the group.


The Scottish Education Council is the key national forum for oversight of improvement in education in Scotland. Its role is to work collaboratively to ensure that there is a system-wide focus on improvement and to agree priorities for improvement activity and delivery. Young people are represented directly through membership among the council’s participants; each meeting is also hosted within a school, offering additional opportunities for students to present their perspectives at the meeting.

Members of the group receive presentations from civil servants and school leaders, and discussions include the views of young people participants. Discussion focuses on current issues for educational improvement, such as curriculum subject choice and careers.

How you can use this material in your practice: 

Read the Council's brief and the minutes of its most recent meeting.

Consider how the views of students in your country could be heard more effectively at national level by politicians and managers to influence policy-making.

Discuss how to improve such practice in your own system.


This material reflects only the author’s view; the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.