School visit - Budapest, Hungary

The first meeting with the partner-school of the Students Voice project took place on 30th January 2017 at Kőbányai Széchenyi István Magyar-Német Két Tanítási nyelvű Általános Iskola.
Monday, January 30, 2017 - 14:15

This is a Hungarian-German bilingual municipal primary school in the suburban area of Budapest, which showed great interest in taking part in the Student Voice– Bridge to Learning Erasmus+ project. It educates 500 students in eight grades where all the classes are classified into different sections (mathematics, art, etc.).

Lucia Kákonyi, the Hungarian project coordinator of the Student Voice began with thought-provoking questions:  Do we, as teachers, actually manage to pass on the necessary life skills  to our students? She continued by a short questionnaire about student-centred learning and the personal assessment methods of the teachers to come finally to the presentation of the Student Voice project itself. After introducing it briefly, Lucia outlined the main objectives, as well as the most important outcomes.

It was also essential to precise: it is not about letting students to make their own decision what to learn, but students’ interactivity is important so that they could see their own learning intentions, their own individual success criteria and the way how they can reach them.

She gave afterwards the opportunity to the audience to ask questions and to discuss openly about the project. They were quiet responsive and were ready to share their interests and concerns, their actual prospects of professional improvement and also their personal motivation in participating in that international cooperation.