An introduction to Student Voice- for students

This tool which has been developed by students themselves in an Irish secondary school provides teachers and school management teams with an  animated  video which shows the various ways that Student Voice can be developed inside and outside classrooms. The video is intended for use by schools who are at the early stages of  encouarging students to engege in discussion about the importance and value of Student Voice. The animation could also be used as a model for students to develop their own messages through video, posters or booklets  about the importance of  Student Voice within their own particular context.

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Curriculum Focus Group Questions

These questions were developed to support understanding of pupil experience and to inform policy development.  The package is designed as a set of focus group questions used with Primary 1, Primary 4, Primary 7 and S1 pupils to assess learner feedback on development and progress in the implementation of the 1+2 languages policy in the South-East region of Scotland.

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Pupil council application form

This tool provides an exemplification of an application form for a secondary school pupil council.  This material was developed by Musselburgh Grammar School, East Lothian Council to support the development of their pupil council as part of their involvement in the Student Voice: Bridge to Learning project.

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The questionnaire has been made to get student feedback about the maths testing in teacher-student collaboration. (Happy Maths Test)

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